Your Extensions Will Be Our Little Secret

No one will be able to tell your long and full hair isn't real

Boost Your Confidence Starting at the Scalp

Come to our hair extensions salon in Houston, TX

Everyone wants thick and voluminous hair that has eye-catching movement, but not everyone is born with it. Thankfully, the hair extensions stylist at Extensions By Siyan can turn your fine hair into a mane full of luscious locks. We use a variety of dependable installation methods that will protect your scalp and give you incredible results. Don't wait to get the hair of your dreams at our hair extensions salon in Houston, TX.

3 reasons to choose Extensions By Siyan

There's no worse feeling than leaving a salon with a disappointing hairdo, but you won't have to worry about that when you come to our hair extensions salon. You can feel confident trusting us with your hair because:

We work with all types of hair

We have over 16 years of experience

We go above and beyond to give clients exactly what they're looking for

You'll be flipping around gorgeous hair in no time when you visit us. Call us now at 713-677-0392 to make an appointment with a skilled specialist.